In case of emergency

Pilotforbundet har etablert en egen nødtelefon som kan benyttes hele døgnet, fra hele verden. Du vil enten få svar umiddelbart eller ringt opp igjen etter kort tid når du legger igjen en beskjed.

+47 488 87 050

In case of an emergency:

• Secure passengers, crew and aircraft

• Follow company procedures

• Contact PF/PAN as early as possible

• Contact your local union

• Keep the crew together

• Do not give any statements to media

• Do not accept to be interrogated by police or other authorities without a representative from PF/ PAN or your local union present

• Write down your recollection of the event

• Secure all relevant data for your own use

• Do not talk to anyone about the situation

unless you trust that person completely

• Contact your family

• If abroad, consider contacting your embassy

• Do not accept further duty if situation dictates otherwise

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